PAST LIFE REGRESSION in “Newport South Wales”

Patricia A. Bevan

Past Life Regression Therapist.



What is Past Life Regression?

Repressed memories of past lives.


YouTube Past Life Regression scroll down below.

Utube past life regression, Newport South Wales Tony Coulson undergoing Past Life Regression

Past life sessions can also pursue spiritual experiences, which can be very therapeutic to ones lives during and after the session.

Past life regression is when a hypnotherapist takes their client through a deepening to achieve a deep relaxed state, bypassing the conscious mind and work with the subconscious mind.

The client will be taken back through their present life and then through one or more of their past lives according to the client’s free will to endure their amazing lives.

I can personally say that past life regression is very similar to the book “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” it is full on magical amazement where you will visualize visions, scenes, thoughts and memories.

Ideally the client needs to achieve a deep delta or even theta state to achieve good results when working with past life regression.

The technique used during past life regression involves the client answering a series of questions whilst under hypnosis. These questions will reveal and identify events, places, the year etc to your alleged past lives.

Exploring the hidden secrets of your PAST LIVES, can be only believed when you experience it for YOURSELVES.




Past life regression - £60 per 1hr session

Sessions can run over up to 1hr -30 minutes however no extra fee will be taken.


* Please note, I highly recommend you attend a 20 minute “Free of charge pre-induction” to see if you are suitable for past life regressions.)


* Please note, it is down to the client’s freewill to let go of their conscious mind to successfully achieve a past lives experience.)


* Copies of d.v.d's & postage included in the above price.

Video of Tony Coulson undergoing Past Life Regression

YouTube video of the Past Life Regression of Perpetua Hollywood, to view click HERE

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