When I first met Mel, SINGER/SONG WRITER.

I first met Mel in 2007 at St Julian’s Church in Newport. It was the evening that I was taking one to one clairvoyant readings. It was so strange though, because from the moment that Mel and I first met, I knew instantly that we had something in common, even though at the time I did not know what. It was like a strong similarity feeling, you know the feeling like when you think you’ve met someone before, even though you know you haven’t.


Well, as time went by, Mel and I ended up being on the same spiritual healing course, this is where our friendship began to blossom. As the weeks and months went by Mel would always blow me away with her tranquil aura, kind nature and amazing passion in supporting animal rescues organisations, not forgetting her ability to lift other people’s spirits, including my own.


I can remember one day at healing, I told Mel that I been asked to do my first ever charity event at the Newport Lodge Hotel and that I was feeling a little nervous. I jokingly asked Mel if she was any good with her claire abilities, only we would make a good double act and at the same time support each other, it was then that Mel replied “no however, I am a singer / songwriter if that is any help.” Well, although I hadn’t ever heard Mel sing before, I simply replied, “that’s great you can join me at the Charity event and sing an opening and closing song.”

Well that very same evening I went home and told my husband that Mel was going to sing an opening and closing song at the charity event, on which he replied, “well what does she sound like?”   I simply replied, “I don’t know, ummmmm?” It was then that my hubby looked at me with a strange facial expression.


Well, only a few days later I arranged for Mel to come to my home. It was a lovely evening, so we decided to sit in the garden, you can imagine the scene, there were six of us all sitting around the garden log fire with the sun set setting in the background. My hubby’s face still looked a little reluctant, that was, until the moment Mel sang her very first line of her song, well not only did my husband’s face light up with amazement and he gave me the thumbs up sign. I felt an amazing tingling within my entire body, an amazing spiritual connection that was so powerful, that I will never ever forget until my dying day.

I simply knew from that very first moment of hearing Mel singing that Mel and I had been brought together for a reason, because that night, Mel’s music not only touched my ears it simply touched my soul.

Also shown below with myself are Colin & Cheryl Marsh, Colin looks after the sound system and Cheryl, who makes her own craft Jewellery, has a shop at my events. www.cherylsbeadedbeauties.jimdo.com



Mel has since joined me as my special guest, singer / songwriter at all my public clairvoyant evenings. Also in 2009 Mel published her own c.d’s.

If you are interested in hearing some of Mel’s music please go to www.myspace.com/melodyjhayes.



I am so proud of you Mel Love you Patricia xxxxxx