You will find many photo's below over the years of my past and present "Past And Beyond" Team and of students that attend my Workshops in Newport South Wales.


Members of Past & Beyond Team, from left Tony Coulson, myself and Sue Doyle


Tony Coulson is a qualifed Medium / Spirtual Healer. Registered with,

"The Christian International Spirtual Society Cardiff CF24 3BH

Sue Doyal has been my spiritual friend for over 27yrs and I am proud to have her as part of my Past And Beyond Team. Sue is a Reiki master and I personally go to Sue when I require healing.


My Name is Alyson Allen,

I had a private one to one session with Patricia in February 2009. I found the reading amazing only a school friend of mine that past over 30yrs ago came through and clarified that there is truly life after death.


At the time I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks however Patricia suggested meditation could help and that I could join Patricia’s meditation & development group.


 I soon started to practise the techniques of meditation and with in a short time I was feeling the benefits.  Through meditation I began to visualise amazing visions and predict premonitions well before they happened.


. My confident started to grow that I soon placed myself on a Healing practitioner  2 yrs course at St Julian's Newport followed by a meditation teachers diploma course of which I past with flying colour in  March 2011.


I am pleased to say with the help of meditation, self-belief and my faith in the spiritual realm's I have never looked back.


To this present day 2013

 I am a fully insured registered Healer / Medium and Qualified Meditation Teacher.


Contact me on   07859880988 

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From left, Sue Doyal , Patricia, Tony Coulson and Alyson Allen "Fern's Club Newport 2013"

An evening at The Baneswell Club 2013
Orchard Lane Workshop Students 2009
Hand made jewellery by Cheryl Marsh
Orchard Lane Workshop 2010
Clairvoyant Evening at Orchard Lane 2010
Orchard Lane Students 2010
Some of 2014 students
A Beginners De-Stress / Meditation Class 2016
Another Beginners De-Stress / Meditation Class 2016