My Article Published in Eternal Spirit Magazine

In 2011, I had an article published in the 'Eternal Spirit' magazine. The article detailed my life from an early age showing how my spiritual journey began.


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Below is a photo of the magazine showing my article.

Below is the transcript used in the magazine:

Were they watching me from an early age?

It all started at the age of 6 years old, when my grandparents ran a funeral home known today (45 years later) as T.J Davies in South Wales. To this present day it still sticks in my mind, the great respect that my grandparents gave to the deceased in their care.


I always wondered why me!


As long as I can remember my childhood wasn’t the happiest and whilst growing up I came across as being a very shy sensitive child, however I do believe this was due to my parent’s constant rows, fights and not forgetting my own insecurities.


Eventually my parents finally got divorced. In those days back in the 1970’s divorce was seemed to be frowned upon, so much so that my two older siblings and I were the only children in the entire school with divorced parents. I can still remember those peering eyes of the other children when my teacher would call out my name and shout out with what sounded like a bellowing voice ‘Free dinner tickets for Patricia’ this was instantly followed by the class’s glaring eyes as I walked over to the teacher’s table to collect my dinner tickets. It made me feel as if I was like the little hungry boy Oliver from the film Oliver Twist.


Well with all the stigma of having divorced parents I already felt different from the other children, never mind the crazy things that I was seeing and hearing within my mind from the spirit world.



As time went by and with my mother now a single parent, she had to go out to work, working both day and night simply just to make ends meet. Due to this I found myself staying more and more at the chapel of rest with my grandparents, especially at weekends and during school holidays.


I can remember every weekend I would pack together all my little dolls and my nightdresses knowing that my grandmother was going to spoil me rotten. I almost felt that every weekend at my grandparents simply became a way of life although I did not mind too much because I loved my grandmother dearly.


The chapel of rest became my second home, it was a place where I knew I could play and allow my imagination to be set free from normal life. My little innocent mind also knew that I would be able to talk to what then I thought then was simply my imaginary friends.


Each morning my grandmother and I would go down to the chapel, she would then place a yellow duster in my little hand followed by her words “go and say good morning” to all our guests, meaning the deceased. Off I would go, my grandmother would then sit and watch me from the office. She would go through her big black diary that was placed next to the telephone on the old oak desk whilst wearing her dark rimmed glasses, which reminded me of an old head teacher’s glasses. She would go through all her bookings and wedding appointments that she had booked that week whilst at the same time continuing to chat to me back and fore.




The Chapel


Whilst I was in the chapel I always felt a strange sensation that I can only describe as being a comforting inner peace. The only way I can describe these feelings was like an aura of a warm sunset glow.


As I continued to dust, my grandmother would watch and talk to me through the half opened sliding doors between the office and the chapel, I would shout “nana I am nearly done” as I effortlessly continued to playfully dust.


I often copied her, taking on the role of my grandmother saying to the deceased people, ‘GOOD MORNING ALL, IT’S ONLY ME’.

As I continued to dust down the organ and the silver candlesticks I would hear my grandmother call out to me, “have you asked them”, this meaning the deceased “do they want a cuppa tea?” I would then place my little fingers onto the edge of the coffins and raise my bony little body up, look into the coffins and say, “do you want a cuppa tea?” A few seconds later I would shout out to my grandmother “no nana they are fine”.


After I had dusted, my grandmother would allow me to play for hours and hours in the chapel on my own. Very often when I played the organ I used to ask the deceased people that lay directly behind me if they liked my songs, I would often hear a reply back from them “oh yes lovely”, I would then think that I was the bees knees and would continue playing.


The funniest thing I can remember was when I asked my grandmother if I could have one of those satin gowns that the deceased people used to wear for a nightdress?   My grandmother smiled and replied “oh no, they are not sown up at the back”, as soon as she said no, a vision of all those deceased people going up to heaven and standing at the pearly gates with all their bums hanging out simply made me chuckle to myself.


Chatting to the spirit


Some of the spirits would walk around the chapel with me however I did not mind because it was easier for me to have a proper conversation with them whilst they where standing up. I can remember some conversations where I would ask, especially the older spirits if they had any children and what where their children’s names were etc.


There were some spirits though that I thought were a bit strange because they did not even realise that they had passed over and I would then have to explain that my nana is looking after then until they go to heaven.


The strangest conversation that I can still reflect back on today was when I use to talk to the spirit's about my own life and yet without me even realising the spirit's already seemed to know all about me, this is when I would pull a confused facial expression back to them of,  how do you know?.

It was things like when I mentioned I had a sister and a brother they would reply back by saying my sister’s and brother’s names without me having told them, “ strange don’t you think?”


It was very much like having a conversation with Father Christmas, well Father Christmas knows everything I thought. As I continued to chat I felt as if I was in a mystical, magical world that was well over my head, well I was only six years old after all..


During the night


My grandparents had to be on call 24 hours, so going out to the park was very rare so every evening my grandmother would run me a lovely bubble bath, which extended my playtime before I had supper and went off to bed. I was lucky enough to have my own bedroom, although it was the bedroom that was directly on top of the chapel I still thought it was the best.


Whilst sleeping I used to dream of the spirit people below that I had met that day in the chapel and of them coming up the wooden staircase to the entrance of my bedroom. They would not be walking but floating effortlessly. As they entered my room they would wake me up, not my psychical body, just my spiritual body. I would then follow them back down to the chapel just like the sensation of flying in Peter Pan.


It was as if they knew I was there and wanted to continue to chat. The only way I can explain the experience is an effortless pulling sensation, which today would be known as astral travelling.


That evening whilst with the spirit people I noticed a new person amongst us so I introduced myself. Well that very next morning I had slept in late only to be woken by my grandmother saying that she had to get up in the early hours because another body had arrived.


Well the craziest thing was when I went into the chapel that same morning I looked at my grandmother and said “nana I was talking to that person in the coffin last night, my grandmother replied “no, no he only came in early hours this morning.” Going around and around in my little head was, I know this guy, I was talking to him last night?


As I got older I slowly got used to all what I was experiencing and in crazy kind of away I wanted to experience more.


I soon began to believe that the spirit world was like my second family and that they were not going to go away. I was experiencing spirit everywhere and it was coming through thick and fast.


One of the last memories that I had when in my late teens was of the Chapel when my mother and I were chatting to my grandmother in the chapel office. My grandmother glanced over to me only to notice that I was staring at the deceased person in the coffin that was only two metres away from where I was standing. She then got up from her swivel chair and gave me the biggest wink and a meaningful look and replied “I will close the door because we don’t want them to hear our conversation do we”.


On that note my heart started to race and I thought, “Nana you know, you know because they must have been talking to you as well.”.


Well to the present day of 2018 the connection between the two worlds still continues.