Patrica Anne Bevan

I am a qualified:


Medium and Spiritual Healer,

(Registered with The Christian Spiritual Society International Cardiff, CF24 3BH)


Meditation Teacher, CH MED Teach


Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist,   C.H.AD.Dhyp, D.plreg

(With Claire Chester Complementary Therapist and Teacher, 15, High St, Methreringham, Lincoln, LN4 3DZ)


And have run my own Past And Beyond Development School since 2008.

How it all began.....Patricia's Story

Well, I suppose when I think about it, my paranormal experiences of seeing, hearing and sensing the spirit world all started from the young age of just 6 years old, when my grandparents were running a funeral home, known today (49 years later) as T.J Davies in South Wales, where I used to spend what I can only say was most of my childhood and especially most of my weekends there.



Over many years of staying over the chapel of rest with my grandparents, it simply became a place where I could get away from being at home, because my childhood wasn’t the happiest. However, I believe that a big part of  this was due to my parent’s constant rows, fights and not forgetting my own insecurities of knowing that one day my parents would be splitting up.



I suppose looking back now the chapel of rest was a place where I truly felt at peace, happy and I suppose had a big part in opening me up to being more intuitive to the spirit world.


I can remember my grandparents and especially my Nan who I loved dearly and who always spoilt me with their love, time and kindness is very much etched in my memories today.



The way my Nan played her role as an undertaker was so professional, not just with the families of the deceased my Nana also gave great respect to the deceased whilst in her care. For example, every morning my Nana and I would clean around the chapel my Nana would talk to the deceased and say “morning all” as if they where still very much alive. As time went on I found myself mimicking my Nana by pretending to take on her role as an undertaker, I found myself talking to the deceased in the same way. I would shout out “morning all, do you want a cuppa tea”, that is until one day I noticed that they were talking back to me, Yes I did say they were talking back to me, meaning the deceased (crazy I know). However, I will try to explain that they where not physically talking to me by moving their mouths, they were simply talking to me through their thoughts, just like telepathy. Well, from that very first day of hearing them talking back to me and being able to visually watch them following me around the chapel as I cleaned, I suppose that was the day that I simply knew my life was going to be different and to this present day I have spent my life living between the two worlds.



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